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Working under eminent Radiologist Dr. Seema Ghani and Dr. Madiha Bangash specialists of Radiology, the laboratory is accredited with Islamabad Health Regulatory Authority and for quality control with NEQAPP (National External Quality Assurance Programme Pakistan).

The laboratory is equipped with the latest analyzers and equipment. It has the following sections:


State of the art Colored Doppler ultrasound machine. Services provided include:-

  1. Complete abdominal and pelvic sonography
  2. Complete obstetrical and gynecological studies including fetal wellbeing and doppler studies of umbilical artery and middle cerebral artery
  3. Color doppler of arteries and veins of the limbs, neck and abdomen
  4. Transvaginal ultrasound – In near future
  5. Ultrasound guided biopsies

Conventional radiography: CR system with PACS. Services provided are

  1. General radiography
  2. Contrast studies of genitourinary system including IVU, ascending urethrogram , MCUG and hysterosalpingography
  3.  Contras studies of upper and lower gastrointestinal tract including barium swallow, meal, follow through and enema. Fistulograms and sinograms are performed as well.

CT Scan

The department is equipped with a state of the art 64 slice CT scan machine. 3 D and volume rendered imaging is performed. Services provided include

  1. Standard whole body imaging
  2. Contrast Studies like HRCT
  3. CT Angiogramme
  4. Whole body vascular studies 
  5. Dynamic Triphasic studies of liver, pancreas and other organs
  6. 24 hours coverage

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):

Open MRI machine suitable for children and claustrophobic patients. Services provided include:-

  1. Standard MRI imaging of whole body

  2. Standard MRA imaging

  3. MR of brain with diffusion weighted imaging according to stroke protocol in every patient.

  4. MR spectroscopy of brain for masses with un established diagnosis

  5. Dynamic MRI breast for characterization of indeterminate breast lesions

  6. 24 hours coverage

By making an appointment to visit the clinic, you may consult with the best pathologist in Pakistan. It’s only a phone call away to get the best.

(+92) 51 8498888

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With our eminent Radiologists Dr. Seema Ghani and Dr. Madiha Bangash, we are determined to provide ultrasound with 24 hours coverage, general radiography, CR system with PACS, MRI, CT scan, etc. The laboratory is accredited with Islamabad Health Regulatory Authority and for quality control with NEQAPP (National External Quality Assurance Programme Pakistan). Trust that we will be there to assist everyone in every possible way.

Dr. Madiha Bangash

Consultant Radiologist

I have wide range of experience in using a variety of imaging techniques; including x-rays, fluoroscopic imaging, grayscale and Doppler ultrasounds, CT and MRI studies, to diagnose and manage a range medical conditions.


What Patients Say About Us

Muhammad Saad Patient

I was travelling abroad with my kid during COVID-times due to a family emergency and had to get through this last-minute PCR procedure, which seemed hard at first. But then my sister introduced me to HealthNext, and guess what? We were able to fly after receiving the results of our PCR as soon as humanly possible. Dil say shukriaaaa

Ch. Ibrahim Patient

It was difficult to deal with a hematological problem. BUT what an honor it is to be treated by Dr. Sara Ali Zaidi at your most challenging circumstances.

Ibrar Khan Patient

Thank you, Dr. Seema Ghani, for your expert health advice and empathy, which helped me to live a healthier life. Would be forever grateful.

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