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We are sincerely committed to providing local citizens with private, high-quality healthcare. We promise the greatest results in town, which can lead to the selection of an appropriate medication. We would love to serve you.

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When it comes to top faculty, we're quite well-equipped. We can indeed be proud of our faculty's competence and skillfulness, which makes our team the finest in town.

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Health Next is well equipped and is famous for providing quality services at competitive prices.

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The timings of our medical lab are from 7am to 12pm

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974+ Tests Available

We are one of the best diagnostic center of Islamabad, offering Radiology, Pathology and COVID- PCR tests under one roof. We have installed state of the art equipment and employed classified specialists and technologists to offer quality tests. We have augmented our facilities and widened range of services by investing heavily in high-tech biomedical equipment and providing optimal quality diagnostic tests.

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Our Healthcare service presenting you the SPECIAL HEALTH packages on DISCOUNT with extremely reasonable prices considering the economics conditions.

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For Radiology we have full time Consultant Radiologists who cover round the clock imaging activities. We are also equipped with PACS system which facilitate our radiologist to work remotely. A team of highly qualified and experienced Technologists assist Consultant Radiologist 24/7 for better results on imaging. Similarly, a team of Consultant Pathologist are working with qualified and experienced Technologist to provide correct diagnosis in Pathology related test round the clock.

Dr. Madiha Bangash

Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Muhammad Nadim Akbar khan

Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Dr. Madiha Islam

Consultant Pathologist

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General Question

We are open from 7am to 12pm

We are currently on plans to expand our operations to other major cities

We are a diagnostic lab and our experts share their insights in the report given to you, you can always take the report back to your doctor for further consultation

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Once you book an appointment for a test, we will inform you about the pre-requisites is any, e.g fasting


Every test has different prerequisites, you can get information about test protocols
when you book an appointment.

Every test has a different processing time, when you book an appointment you can inquire about the processing time for your specific test

Every patient receives a link containing the report on their mobile number provided at registration time

Every test have different costs, you can ask when you will be booking your

503 pathology tests and 471 Radiology tests

Make Appointment & Take Care Of Your Healthy Life

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Certification of Health Next

Our certification from SECP, National External Quality Assurance Programme, FBR, PNRA, and Islamabad Healthcare Regulations speaks for our quality and our finest health services possible.


What Patients Say About Us

Muhammad Saad Patient

I was travelling abroad with my kid during COVID-times due to a family emergency and had to get through this last-minute PCR procedure, which seemed hard at first. But then my sister introduced me to HealthNext, and guess what? We were able to fly after receiving the results of our PCR as soon as humanly possible. Dil say shukriaaaa

Ch. Ibrahim Patient

It was difficult to deal with a hematological problem. BUT what an honor it is to be treated by Dr. Sara Ali Zaidi at your most challenging circumstances.

Ibrar Khan Patient

Thank you, Dr. Seema Ghani, for your expert health advice and empathy, which helped me to live a healthier life. Would be forever grateful.

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